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IMOS - Demurrage Time Bar Task List

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Requires the Claims module, and configuration flag CFGEnableDemTBTasks must be enabled.

Demurrage Time Bar Tasks, to complete demurrage-related activities, are automatically generated based on contract and voyage data. You can track and complete these tasks on the Demurrage Time Bar Task List to ensure timely claims settlement.

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Demurrage Time Bar Task List

On the Operations menu

, under Freight/Demurrage, click Demurrage Time Bar Task List.

Demurrage Time Bar Task

To view a task that has been generated, on the Demurrage Time Bar Task List, click its row or Task Ilink.

To make edits, you must have the Manage Time Bar Task and Edit Time Bar Task Module Rights selected, under Claims in Operations.

Read, Write, and Delete access rights must be selected in order to properly delete a claim.

Creating a New Laytime Calculation

On the Demurrage Time Bar Task toolbar, click Laytime ▼ and then click New CalculationOnce you create a laytime claim it will be linked to an associated task automatically. 

Linking an Existing Laytime Calculation to a Task

To link an existing Claim to a Demurrage Time Bar Task, open a Claim and then save it.

You can track multiple laytime claims linked to a specific Demurrage Time Bar Task for non-FOB and FOB voyage types in Linked Claims on the Demurrage Time Bar Task list and form. To see the latest calculation, check the Calculation/Claim field of the Demurrage Time Bar Task.

Note: Tracking multiple laytime claims requires database schema 29.0 or higher.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Laytime Claims

Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) laytime claims are automatically linked to the corresponding Demurrage Time Bar Task. A single Demurrage Time Bar Task can be relevant to both an AR and an AP claim if the Claim ID and Original Claim ID fields in the list are related.

Whenever a new Demurrage Time Bar Task is generated or an existing one is updated, its linking to existing claims for the task's type (AP/AR), its counterparty (charterer/receiver/shipper/owner), and its voyage port (if laytime claim is issued to a specific port) will also be updated. If multiple claims exist, the task's claim linking is updated using the latest claim. 

Completing a Task

To complete a task, change its Time Bar Status to Claim SentClaim ReceivedNo DemurrageInternal, or Time Bar.

Time Bar Status

The Time Bar Status of a task is linked to its Laytime Calculation Status. When you change the status on one form, it automatically updates on the other form as follows:

Time Bar Status

Laytime Calculation Status

  • New

  • New

  • Under Review

  • Under Review

  • No Demurrage

  • No Demurrage

  • Internal

  • Internal

  • Time Bar

  • Time Bar

  • Claim Sent (for AR tasks)

  • Claim Received (for AP tasks)

  • In Progress

  • Dispute

  • Settled

  • Withdrawn

  • Canceled

  • (no change)

  • Estimated

  • Preliminary

  • Averaging

Related Configuration Flags



Use Cargo Counterparty in Time Bar Task

When enabled, the Charterer for Cargo contracts or Owner for VC In contracts will be used as the counterparty in Demurrage Time Bar Tasks instead of the Supplier or Receiver.

Enable Demurrage TB Tasks

Note: This option can also be hard-coded.

Enables Demurrage Time Bar Tasks and the Demurrage Time Bar Task List, which also adds two fields to this form: Default Warning Days and Default Alert Days.

Add Book Internal Address Text

When a value is specified, a new check box is displayed in the Address Book with the label being the value of the configuration flag. When the value is empty, the check box is not shown.

Use Cargo Time Bar Basis for Demurrage Time Bar Tasks

When enabled, Time Bar Date and Target Date on the auto-generated Demurrage Time Bar Tasks will update using the Cargo's time bar settings (based on the Task's Cargo and Counterparty) when:

  • Relevant basis dates on the voyage are updated (such as BL/Disch Date or completion of discharge).

  • The underlying FOB Cargo is saved.

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