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IMOS - Demurrage Time Bar Task Case Study

Demurrage Time Bar Tasks case study covers the following sections:

What are demurrage time bar tasks?

Demurrage Time Bar Tasks (DTBT) are reminders tracked by a company to claim the demurrage within a strict frame time. If that time window is missed, then it’s not possible to claim money afterwards, that’s why the demurrage time bar tasks need to appear for each cargo/counterparty.

Understanding Demurrage Time Bar Tasks

The result of demurrage time bar tasks is strictly based on the set-up of the configuration flags. Therefore, before going through demurrage time bar task workflow, get familiar with their configuration to understand what kind of tasks and how many of them to expect in the end. The list of all the related configuration flags can be found at the bottom of the page.

Demurrage Time Bar Task Factors

The auto-generation of DTBT depends on a few factors:

  • Voyage type

  • Vessel type

For each voyage type and/or vessel type, there’s a Demurrage Time Bar Task Generation article that describes what kind of tasks should be generated. Let’s take an example of how to read this information:

Extract from Demurrage Time Bar Task Generation article

The table explains:

If Port Function "L“ & Vessel Type "All“ = it will generate AR - Supplier task.
If Port Function "L“ & Vessel Type "Bulker“ = it will generate AR - Charterer task.

If a voyage is outcharter, only one task is generated for Charterer no matter how many cargoes are present on the voyage. Click the Outcharter Voyages to learn what it means.


The Supplier/Receiver name displayed in Demurrage Time Bar Tasks is based on information entered in a Cargo Contract in the Itinerary/Options tab.

What triggers tasks to be generated?

  1. HF / PE activity is entered in Port Activities for Loading/Discharging port.

  2. Voyage status is set to "Completed".

  3. FOB cargo is created and saved.

How many tasks will be generated?

The task is generated per port per cargo per counterparty.

If two cargoes are loaded at a port and Hoses Off time has been entered for the port, two Demurrage Time Bar Tasks will be created.

If there is only one cargo but two grades being loaded at the port and no supplier names are given for the grades. Two Demurrage Time Bar Tasks will be created for the two unknown suppliers.

Case Study

Counterparty INTCO is an internal company. Cargo contract #3627 shows that cargo was supplied by EXTCO1 (External Company 1) and it should be received by EXTCO2 (External Company 2).

Internal companies are marked with the Internal Address check box in the Address Book.

Case Analysis

The expected result is to have:

  1. Supplier task for a supplier: EXTCO1 in London for cargo 1 - NGL - generated after loading in London.

  2. Receiver task for a receiver: EXTCO2 in Gdansk for cargo 1 - NGL - generated after discharging in Gdansk.

  3. Charterer task for a counterparty: INTCO for cargo 1 - NGL - generated upon voyage completion.

Supplier task

Receiver task

Charterer task

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Demurrage TB Tasks CFGEnableDemTBTasks

When enabled, will auto-generate demurrage time bar tasks.

Use Cargo Counterparty in Time Bar Task

When enabled, the Charterer for Cargo contracts or Owner for VC In contracts will be used as the counterparty in Demurrage Time Bar Tasks instead of the Supplier or Receiver. Additionally, if 'reversible all ports' is enabled for a particular cargo, only one task per cargo will be generated. Also, for voyages performed by Tanker type vessels (vessel type code = T), only one task will be created per counterparty for a given voyage.

Add Book Internal Address Text

When a value is specified, a new checkbox is displayed in the Address Book with the label being the value of the configuration flag. When the value is empty, the checkbox is not shown.

Always Add Per Voyage Receivable Time Bar Task

When enabled, a single AR demurrage time bar task will be generated in OVOV, RELT, TCOV, or VCOV voyages for the Charterer for Cargo contracts. It will be generated regardless of whether a voyage is Outcharter or not.

Disable Internal Demurrage TB Tasks

When enabled, demurrage time bar tasks are not generated for internal counterparties.

Demurrage Timebar Tasks Completed Status List

Defines the comma-separated list of demurrage time bar tasks' statuses (one-character letters) that are considered "Completed ". Possible values are: "New" (W) "No Demurrage" (N) "Under Review" (R) "In Progress" (P) "Settled" (S) "Cancelled" (C) "Dispute" (D) "Claim Received" (E) "Claim Sent" (T) "Internal" (I) "Time Bar" (B).

Enable Cargo Itinerary Supplier Receiver

When enabled, you can specify the supplier or receiver for each cargo handling in a Cargo or VC In contract.

Charterer View

Cargo Details: Changes the form to the "Charterer" view.

Charterer View Legacy Cargo Itinerary

When set to Y, if CFGChartererView is enabled, the itinerary displayed on the Cargo form will more closely match the columns displayed in the v6 charterer's view form.

FOB Demurrage TB Task Trigger

When set to 'Create' then the Demurrage Time Bar Task will be created for FOBs cargoes at the time the FOB contract is created and saved. When set to 'Laycan From', then the task will be created when the system date matches the Laycan From the date on the contract. When set to 'Laycan To', then the task will be created when the system date matches Laycan To on the contract.

Use Cargo Timebar Basis for Demurrage TB Tasks

When enabled, Time Bar and Target Date on the auto-generated demurrage timebar tasks will update using the cargo's timebar settings (based on the task's cargo and counterparty) when relevant basis dates on the voyage are updated (such as B/L Date, or Completion of Discharge).

Fob Task Gen Charterer Matching

When enabled, FOB demurrage time bar task generation will check if the charterer matches the supplier or receivers prior to generating tasks.

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