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You must have the Access Veslink Distances Module Right enabled, under Quick Links in the Data Center.

UN Code Changes May Affect Integrations
Starting in September, we will be standardizing UN codes by removing 2 digit codes, removing duplicates, and adding official UN codes to the database. This could affect integrations.

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You can use Distances to enter ports, arrange routes, and calculate time and distances for voyages, based on the latest sea lanes and nautical charts.

Open it from one of the following locations:

  • On the main menu 

    , under Data Center, click Distances.

  • In Data Center quick links, click the Distances button 


  • To open a voyage itinerary in Distances, on the Voyage map view Itinerary panel, click Open in Distances.

Distances Overview

Working with an itinerary and a map, you can quickly refine your voyage to determine the optimal route.

  1. Click the Adjust Settings icon

    to set defaults for Distances.

  2. Select map views and overlays to change the look of the map, highlight areas, and minimize routing.

  3. Create a voyage itinerary by entering and adjusting ports and positions. You can view and compare up to three itineraries.

Distances Release Process

Distances updates are released separately from the main release cycle and occur less often. If Veson Nautical releases new regulatory ECA zones, schematic changes to data, and updates to ports/locations specifically, Veson Nautical does not, by default, apply Distances releases to Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) environments automatically. 

When you require to have the latest Distances update applied to your environment, please raise a request to our Support team. You can also choose to opt-in to have such updates applied automatically to your environments. If you choose this option, Distances upgrades will be applied automatically, and occur every Friday at 4pm Eastern time. Please reach out to our Support team for any further information.

Information pertaining to ports (e.g., UN Code) is overwritten during a Distances file update. If you do not want certain information to be overwritten, please contact Veson Nautical before moving forward with the Distances update.

Related Configuration Flags



Distance Cache Enabled

If enabled, a caching mechanism is used in Distances calculations to improve performance.

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