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IMOS - Voyage Manager, Map View

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When you view a Voyage on the map, in addition to other view options, you can select options to minimize routing for ECA and Piracy zones.

Open the Voyage Manager and then click 

 at the top right.

Voyage information appears in the following sections:

You can access additional information in workspace panels on the right.

To return to the Voyage Manager details view, click 

 at the top right.

Voyage Details

Under the VESSEL VOY NO. heading, a collapsed version of the Voyage Manager appears.


Reading the Map

Hover information appears when you hover over the map:

  • On a port that is in the itinerary:

    Port name, latitude, and longitude appear below it.

  • Anywhere on the map:

    Latitude and longitude and map scale appear in the lower left corner of the map.

Icons on the Map

  • Commencing Port: 

  • Intermediate Port: 

  • Terminating Port: 


The Itinerary panel shows all itinerary lines as cards.

  • Modify routing: When you click a Via Passage link, a Routing Selection form appears, from which you can select a new routing option.

Port Function Icons


Port Function





Voyage Summary

The Voyage Summary shows the following information about the voyage itinerary:

  • Port days

  • Sea days

  • Total voyage days

  • Distance traveled through ECA zones, in nautical miles (nm)

  • Total voyage distance, in nm

To open the itinerary in Distances, for example to calculate the impact of a route deviation, click the Open in Distances button.

Workspace Panels

To access additional information in workspace panels on the right, click buttons for any of the following:

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Voyage Manager Operations Overview

Adds an Ops Overview view to Voyages; to access it, on the details or map view of a voyage, click 

 . Usually used for tankers, this view provides an alternate interface for managing voyages, providing expanded details about bunkers, cargo handling, and voyage tasks for each port call in the voyage itinerary. Port Status can be specified on this view, to appear on the Voyage List. When there is an Alert on the charterer in the Address Book, the Charterer field in the Ops Overview is highlighted in pink, and a tooltip over the Charterer field shows the Alert text. To add LOI/BL Status information, right-click a cargo handling line item and then click LOI/BL Status.

Enable Manual Vessel Name Complete

When enabled, on the Voyage Manager and New Laytime Calculation Setup forms, the Vessel field will only autocomplete when the user presses Enter.

Enable Port Fuel Availability

When enabled, a new Fuel Availability grid is added to the Port form in the Data Center where the Fuel Types and Grades that are available at the port can be captured.

These fuels appear when you hover on ports in the Estimate and Voyage map views.

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