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IMOS - Forms - Voyage

Note: Requires Voyage Reporting. You must have the View Object Right selected under Forms.

On the Voyage Manager, the Forms panel and list include all the forms for this voyage only (a voyage-specific version of Forms). In form details, with appropriate rights, you can open for resubmissionapprove, reject, or print the form.

Forms Panel

To open or close the panel, click


Forms List

Note: If the Forms List is empty with no column headers, it is possible that there are no columns enabled for the list. See Why is my Forms List empty?

  • The Effective (GMT) column displays the Form Date/Time. Operators can use it as a guide to the sequence for approving incoming forms.
  • To open:
    • A form to work with, click its card, row, or Form Title link.
    • A PDF of a submitted form, click the PDF link.
  • To approve or reject forms, select the check boxes of one or more forms, then click the Approve or Reject link at the top of the list.
  • To return to the Forms panel, click 

In either view, forms with warnings appear yellow, and forms with errors appear red.

NOTE: To check why the forms list is empty, click here.

Working with Voyage Reporting Forms

Each form includes a Status:

  • Pending: Forms that require approval.

  • Pending with Errors: Forms that have errors that need to be corrected before they can be approved.

  • Approved: The form was approved, and its data was validated and imported.

  • Processing: The approved or resubmitted form is being validated.

  • Submitted: The form is not yet approved, or it was approved but there were approval errors.

  • Error: The form was submitted with an error.

  • Open for Resubmit: The form was previously approved and opened for resubmit, but the resubmit attempt resulted in new errors that need to be corrected.

  • Rejected: The form was rejected.

It can also include:

  • A message at the top: 

    • If the form has an error, a message explaining the error appears, so it can be fixed.

    • If the form is not the most recent version, a message appears, so the latest version can be requested/sent. The form can still be approved.

Approving or Rejecting a Form

Note: You must approve Veslink forms in the correct port sequence to avoid form errors for other possible forms in the port sequence. Veslink forms should be approved in the sequence they occurred in while in port.

After a form has been submitted:

  • To approve a form, click 
    When a form is approved, all other pending forms for that voyage will refresh because the newly approved data may affect subsequent forms.
  • To reject a form, click 

    In the Reject Form window:
    • Notify vessel of reason for rejection: To send a rejection notification to the vessel email address, select this check box.
    • Rejection Reason: Enter a reason for the rejection.

Opening a Form for Resubmission

If a form is Approved, you can open it for resubmission by a vessel or agent: Click 


Printing a Form

To print a form, click 

 and then click a format (PDFExcel, or Word).

Related Configuration Flags
Enable Company Security

Set company-based permissions for each user or group on the Object Rights tab in Security, under Company. Permissions apply where needed to prevent users from editing or seeing various items associated with any restricted companies.

Enable VI Form P&L Snapshots

When enabled, a P&L snapshot is taken for the voyage every time a Voyage Instructions form is submitted. The name of the snapshot is the date, time, and form name. Example: 11/20/2017 2:22:44 PM Voyage Completion Report. The snapshot is available for selection in the snapshots drop-down menu on the voyage P&L.

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