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IMOS - Equipment Commission Payment

Note: Requires the Barging module.

On the Equipment Commission Payment form, you can create payments for commission for Equipment Contracts.

  1. On the Operations menu 
    , under Time Charter In, click Equipment Commission.
  2. On the Equipment Commission Payment Summary, select the Contract Type and Contract ID. Existing Equipment Commission Payment lines appear. 
  3. To view an existing Equipment Commission Payment, right-click it and then click Details.

Creating a New Payment

To create a new Equipment Commission Payment:

  1. On the Equipment Commission Payment form, above, click
  2. Each possible payment appears, with the (Commissionable) check box selected. Clear check boxes for any detail lines you do not want to include.

  3. Enter the Invoice No.

  4. Change the Status to Actual and then click
    ; the invoice appears in Financials.
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