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Line 1 Company Code is Blank

FAQs > Error Messages > Line 1 Company Code is Blank

When importing PDA or FDA items via XML or a Voyage Reporting form, an error may occur showing Line 1 Company is Blank. This may also show more than one error such as Line 2, Line 3, and so on.

This occurs when the Company Code within the incoming data file (PDA or FDA) is missing, and the system is not configured to default the value.

  1. Review the XML file and find the <invoiceDetailsLine> section.

  2. Check that the tag <companyCode> exists and is populated in all cases.

  3. It may be true that the Company Code already exists in the invoice header section of the XML, but the detailed line items of the invoice are driven by the <invoiceDetailsLine> section of the XML.

This issue can also be alleviated by enabling configuration flag CFGAssignDefaultCompanyOnVoyage. When enabled, if a default company cannot be derived from linked contracts when creating a voyage, the default company on the voyage will be set and displayed based on the vessel's company information.

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