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Q88, Milbros, and VMS Product Support

As of May 2022, Veson Nautical and Q88 have united and are committed to keeping ahead of our clients’ evolving needs in the maritime technology sector.

The acquisition has created an opportunity to streamline the current Q88 support experience and integrate it with our Veson Nautical product suite. By migrating to our already established Help Center, you will experience several added benefits, like issue status transparency and faster resolution times. We are excited to offer you a support experience that increases efficiency for our teams and gives you better insights on issue resolution.

Veson Nautical uses Atlassian Jira Service Desk as an issue tracking platform. These changes will take place after September 15, 2022. To limit disruptions to the current support experience, we will continue to provide both support through Live Chat (while logged into the respective Q88 product) and support via sending a direct email to, and direct phone. The new Help Center is advised but not mandatory.

Impacted Products

This change applies to all products on the Q88 platform, including Milbros and VMS.

Submitting an issue

There are three ways to get assistance from Q88 Support for Q88, Milbros, or VMS products.

We recommend submitting your support requests via the Help Center to ensure that our team has visibility of the requests coming in. Using the Help Center allows you to set the correct priority level so we can triage and manage any issues in a timely manner. When a Q88 Support team member replies on your case, you will be sent an email that allows you to view past conversations, reply directly via email, or click a link to view the ticket.

Email Notifications

Notifications from Q88 Support will be sent from You will receive an automated system notification in the first instance that confirms we have received your message and provides you with a ticket number. The ticket number prefix is Q88 followed by a unique I.D such as Q88-1010, for example.


Your customer account is private as it is linked to a unique organization. This organization security ensures that you only see cases that you submit or any cases submitted by colleagues mapped to the same organization. In other words, you will see the tickets you submit and the tickets your colleagues submit. Going forward, you can create your own accounts to log in, and the system will automatically map your organization appropriately by your email domain.

Q88 & IMOS Customers

If you are already using the Help Center because you are a Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) customer, you do not need to recreate an account to submit issues. You can continue to access the Help Center as normal. However, for Q88 products, you will need to submit tickets via the Q88 dedicated Help Center. There is a new field in the submission form that allows you to select the product associated with your issue. This helps us route your issue to the right expert within our team.


Read more about the benefits of this change below.

  • Self-Service Options: Search a central repository of helpful documentation, FAQs, and articles for common service inquiries to find solutions.

  • Faster Resolution Times: Getting a clearer understanding of your issue and its priority allows our team to automatically route tickets efficiently to the right resources across our global offices. 

  • Ticket Reporting: Tickets submitted through the Help Center are tagged with the current status, history, priority level, and recent event timestamps.

  • Collaborative Ticket Management: Tickets submitted through the Help Center can be shared with colleagues so every stakeholder can see ongoing status updates and resolutions.

  • Communication: Submitting issues through the Help Center form helps support collecting essential information early in the process, enhancing our ability to provide a resolution as soon as possible.

We look forward to offering you this heightened level of support and continuing to provide the best experience possible for our clients. Please feel free to reach out directly if you have further questions.

About Atlassian Jira Service Desk

Veson Nautical & Q88 teams are using the Atlassian Jira Cloud Service Desk for ticket management; you can read more about this product at the Atlassian Service Desk Feature Site.

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