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IMOS - About Vessel Consumption Setup

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When calculating fuel consumption in the Veson IMOS Platform, a combination of the following is used:

Vessel location and voyage type both play a role in how consumption is calculated.

Fuel Consumption in ECA Zones

Fuel that has a grade of L (Low Sulfur) on the Vessel form is consumed when the following conditions are met:

  • The vessel is in a low sulfur (ECA/SECA) zone.

  • On the Fuel Zones form, a low sulfur fuel type has been selected for that zone.

  • Daily consumption values for that fuel type are set up in the Vessel form.

Fuel Consumption Everywhere Else

Fuel that has a grade of as G (General Purpose) or H (High Sulfur) on the Vessel form is consumed when a vessel is at sea and outside of a low sulfur (ECA/SECA) zone.

Fuel Consumption Calculation

When the type and amount of fuel consumption are calculated for a vessel outside of an ECA zone, depending on the voyage type, the following information is taken into account:

  • TC voyages: Consumption information on the Performance tab of the TC contract (information on the Vessel form is disregarded)

    • TCOV: Time Charter In

    • TCTO: Time Charter In

    • OVTO: Time Charter Out

  • Non-TC voyages: Consumption information on the Vessel form

    • OVOV: Vessel form/Head Fixture

Note: If Bunker Expenses for a Voyage Estimate appear as $0.00, it is likely because the appropriate bunker type and grade are not specified on the Vessel form.

Setting up Fuel Consumption

To set up fuel consumption, see the following:

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