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IMOS - Bareboat Hire Statement

The Hire Statement for a Bareboat contract lists all the amounts invoiced or paid; you can make a payment from it. You can also view reports.

On the Bareboat Manager, click 


  • To select Invoiced or Paid items, select the check box at the bottom.
  • To make a payment, click 


To view the Hire Statement report, click 

. It includes all the details of the contract so far: Gross Hire, Hire Commissions, Other Adjustments, and Payments. It also lists any inconsistent items. At the end of the contract, a charterer might send the owner the Hire Statement, showing the balance. It is a calculation of what should have been billed until the date of the last invoice.

Related Configuration Flags

Enables bank selection when generating TC In, TC Out, and Bareboat Hire Statement reports.

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