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IMOS - Bunker Manager

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

After opening a Bunker Requirement from the Bunker Requirement List, follow these steps.

  1. Complete the following fields:
    • Bunker Manager: Select yourself or another user to process the requirement.
    • Procurement Status: Change to In Process. You can filter the Procurement Status column in the Bunker Requirement List to find Bunker Requirements by status.
  2. To save the form, click 
  3. Inquire about different ports and vendors. In the Inquiries and Purchases table, click to add a line for each vendor inquiry. If you are paying a barge to get the fuel to the vessel, and barging is not included in the Base Rate, enter the associated costs for the bunkers and for barging. You might need this information as evidence that you got separate prices.
    • To enter one inquiry line for each Bunker Vendor that has this port specified as Ports Serviced, click 
    • To email an inquiry, click 
       and then click Inquiry.
  4. As you gather the information, complete the fields as appropriate.
    • Vendor: If you complete the Ports Serviced form for each bunker vendor in the Address Book, vendors recorded as servicing the port appear at the top of the Vendor selection list.
    • To enter a quantity range for a price, select the Range check box to open the Bunker Quantity Range form. 

      Enter Quantity, Min, Max, and Base Price for each fuel type; the information is synced with the Bunker Purchase form and appears in the Min/Max Qty fields on the fuel type tab of the Bunker Purchase. To open the form again, right-click a line item and then click Bunker Quantity Range.
  5. Do the following:
    1. If you want to leave instructions or notes about the bunker delivery, enter a Request Note.
    2. If the inquiry specifies a port other than the main port for the Bunker Requirement, you can add an inquiry to the Bunker Requirement form of the other port. In the Inquiries and Purchases table, right-click the port and then click Link to Other Parent Port. Selecting a port causes the inquiry to be copied to the Bunker Requirement form for that port.
    3. After you negotiate with vendors and order the bunkers, in the Inquiries and Purchases table, select the S check box to select the vendor. You must select the vendor, even if there is only one, to use the inquiry price for that type of bunker, and a price must be entered for the P&L to properly show the expected cost. The line turns green and its Status changes to Ordered.
    4. If you have not set an Opr Qty, you are asked if you want to set the requirement quantity as the Opr Qty.
    5. Set the Procurement Status to Completed and enter a Delivery Date.
  6. If you did not already create a Bunker Invoice when you selected the vendor, you can create a Purchase Order and/or a Bunker Invoice:
    • To create a Purchase Order, right-click the selected inquiry and then click Purchase Order. The Purchase Order appears in the Reporting Center. You can print, save, create a PDF, or email it.
    • To create a Bunker Invoice, right-click the selected inquiry and then click Create Bunker Invoice.
  7. After creating the Bunker Invoice, change the Procurement Status to Completed. The Status columns in the Bunker Requirement List are updated, and the Status of the inquiry in the Inquiries and Purchases table changes to Invoiced.

Emailing an Inquiry or a Nomination

To email an inquiry or a nomination, click 

 and then click Inquiry or Nomination.

When you email an inquiry or a nomination:

  • Each report can be sent as an email in HTML format and includes relevant information about the Requirement.
  • When an email is created from the Requirement toolbar, all the vendors specified in the Requirement are added as BCC recipients in the email. If any of the vendors do not have an email address entered in their Address Book entry, a warning appears.
  • If the email is created from the context menu on a specific inquiry, the vendor's email is used as the recipient of the email.
  • The subject line defaults to Company Name - Vessel Name - Port Name - Inquiry/Nomination.
  • To add a Standard Paragraph to the emails, create a Standard Paragraph in the Data Center with group BINQ.

Related Configuration Flags

Restrict Bunker Vendor selection to only Bunker Vendors who have the port listed in Ports Serviced. 


Specify a single address on emails, instead of emailing all the bunker vendors in the Requirement.

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