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IMOS - Calculation of Allowed Days in Laytime Calculation

On the Laytime Calculation Cargo grid, the Allowed field is derived by dividing the cargo quantity with either the load or discharge rate and then rounding up by the minute. The result is converted into days, hours, and minutes.

The Allowed Days field is then calculated based on the Allowed field, and the result displays as the number of days. The Allowed Days is different from the direct calculation of dividing cargo quantity with load or discharge rate due to the rounded-up minute value of the Allowed field.

To apply the direct calculation to the Allowed Days field, enable configuration flag CFGLaytimeSkipRoundingToMinutes.

Example Calculation


  • Configuration flag CFGLaytimeSkipRoundingToMinutes = Y

  • Quantity = 56,730 MT

  • L/D Rate = 20,000 MT


On the Laytime Calculation form, the Allowed Days field will calculate and show 2.8365, which is the equivalent of Quantity divided by L/D Rate (56,730 / 20,000 = 2.8365).

Related Configuration Flags



Laytime Skip Rounding to Minutes

Prevents rounding of durations in Laytime Calculations to the minute when fractions are in them.

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