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IMOS - Changing Vessel Management

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In the case of a change in the vessel management, where the vessel will be employed on voyage terms (World Scale, Lumpsum, or Freight rate) instead of Time Charter terms, you do not need to reenter the vessel into IMOS. The same vessel definition should be kept, and all future voyages should have the operation type SPOT instead of TCOV.

If the Ownership field on the Vessel form in the Data Center is set to TC -- Time Charter, you will be prompted to select a TC contract when fixing a new voyage. You can consider changing the Ownership to VC -- Voyage Charter or NS -- Not Specified.

There is no other change needed on the Vessel form in the Data Center.

In the case of SPOT voyages, the Veson IMOS Platform will show the bunker grades as they are already defined for the vessel. However, the use of ROB entries will not be required.

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