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IMOS - Creating a System User

The information on this page is for Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) Administrators only.

When a company requires an access token for an integration, a system user account can be created which does not contribute towards company’s license count.

Integrations must not use business user’s access tokens for security and supportability reasons.

On the Security List, click + and then click New User. The User panel appears on the right, with the Profile tab active.

Within Profile, under User Details, enter the following information:

  • User Name and Full Name: This should identify the system which will be using the access token.

  • Email: This does not have to be a genuine email account, it will exist within IMOS. Simply add the system user name and the company’s domain.

  • Password: Define and confirm the account’s password.

Within Access Rights, under Module Rights, ensure Veslink API permissions are granted and the profile is saved.

Notes: You will need a spare license for the setup of the account as it is required to set the permissions. If maximum count has been reached, deactivate another user to free up the license. The user can be reactivated once the system user account creation is complete.

You may also need to create the Veslink account for the Veslink API permissions to appear immediately.

Within Profile, under Veslink API, select Request New API Token and save the profile

Return to User Details and enable External Access Only.

The system user account will no longer count towards the company’s license count and the access token can now be used.

See Generating short-lived access tokens for more options of how to use the access token.

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