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IMOS - Details Tab - Vessel

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On the Vessel Details tab, you can track many details about the vessel.

Different fields appear for different vessel types.

The form contains the following fields: 

Vessel Identification

  • Call Letters
  • Former Name: Former name of the Vessel.
  • Suez Vsl Type: Suez vessel type.

  • Yard: Name of the Shipyard, as defined in the Address Book (Type M, Misc.).
  • Builder: Name of the builder.
  • Build Details: Build/commissioning date of the vessel.
  • Vessel Flag: Vessel country.
  • Registry: Name of the ship's Registry, port or country.
  • Disponent Owner: Disponent owner.
  • Hull No./Type: Hull number/Hull type of the Vessel
  • Cross-Ref No.: Free-text field for entering a cross-reference number.
  • Ventilation: Ventilation.
  • Ice Class: Ice class.
  • Engine Make: Engine make.
  • Propeller Pitch: Propeller pitch, in meters.
  • Cargo/Gear
  • Operator Name: Operator name.
  • Official No.: Official number of the vessel.
  • PNS No.: PNS number.
  • Hatch Type: Hatch type.
  • H&M Value: Hull and Machinery insurance value.
  • P&I Club: Protection and Indemnity Club.
  • GAP Value: GAP value.
  • Pool-Point: Pool-Point Type, as defined in the Data Center, under Vessels.
  • DWT Date: Deadweight date.
  • Last Dry Dock: Last Dry dock date.
  • Next Dry Dock: Next dry dock date.
  • Next Survey: Next survey date.
  • Next Inspection: Next inspection date.
  • Last Prop Polished: Last propeller polished date.
  • Last Hull Cleaning: Last hull cleaning date.
  • TVE Expires: Date the TVE expires.

Capacity & Draft

  • OPA'90: OPA amount, for oil and dangerous goods only (Oil Pollution Act of 1990).
  • Lightship: Lightship Deadweight.
  • Winter Draft: Winter draft for the vessel.
  • Max Draft: Berth maximum draft allowable, in meters.
  • GRT Int: Gross registered tonnage of the vessel.
  • NRT Int'l: Net registered tonnage of the vessel.
  • Panama Gross: Gross tonnage rating for the Panama canal.
  • Net: Net tonnage rating for the Panama canal.
  • Suez Gross: Gross tonnage rating for the Suez canal.
  • Net: Net tonnage rating for the Suez canal.
  • Grabs Qty: Grabs quantity.
  • Grabs Capacity: Grabs capacity.
  • Unit Factor: A value to be multiplied by a rate to determine the calculated expense amount, used in column C of the Ledger Expensed Data Entry form and displayed on the Expense Standards. The calculation creates an estimated port expense line on the voyage Port Expense Details.


  • LOA: Registered overall length of the vessel, in meters.
  • Beam: Registered beam of the vessel, in meters.
  • Depth: Registered depth of the vessel, in meters.

Related Configuration Flags
Link Vessel Flag to Country
When enabled, the Vessel Flag field on the Vessel Details tab of the Vessel record will link to the Country List in the Data Center instead of being a free-text value.
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