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IMOS - Invoice Design

Understand the data and design of your invoices to make effective feature requests if necessary.

Missing data or incorrect invoices?

To understand if the invoice in question can be fixed by the user or is based on system functionality follow these steps:

  1. Generate the invoice in question and use How do I export an invoice as an XML file? to display the data of the invoice xml

  2. Check another similar invoice that behaves as expected and compare the two XMLS

    1. Usually a field was incorrect or the invoice was created in an averse way

    2. regenerate the workflow in a new invoice with the same information to confirm

  3. If the following shows that the data entry and invoice workflow are correct please submit the following to Veson Support

Requesting an Invoice Design or functionality change

To request a change in simple formatting, data point display or functional stylesheet logic please follow these steps after the aforementioned.

  1. Save the Invoice in question as a pdf and the xml you have already generated as invoicenumber-current

  2. Navigate to the help center portal and submit a Support inquiry with the files you saved and the following details:

    1. List the steps to Reproduce the particular invoice(is it concerning Laytime?Freight?Voyage other expenses?)

      What is the frequency (One, many, or all invoice types)?

      Actual Result(screenshots necessary):

      Requested Result(screenshots/Mockup necessary):

      Additional Details

  3. Note any projects this is tied to and if this functionality had worked prior to a certain date/time.

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