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What should I do when receiving generic error when submitting an XML for the API POST v1/forms/submit?

When using the API and running the query POST v1/forms/submit?apiToken={apiToken}&voyageNo={voyageNo}&portCallSeq={portCallSeq}&inTransit={inTransit}&async={async}, users can occasionally receive the below error message:

{"successful": false, "response": {"errors": [{"exception": null, "code": "UNKNOWN", "message": "An error has occurred."}]}}

To troubleshoot the root cause, it is recommended to obtain copies of successful and failed XMLs, then search for discrepancies using an XML comparison (for example ).

In the example below, it was found the failed XML (right) had an additional "mp“ field that seemed to be a copy of the "LoadTemp“ field. Furthermore, this field was not found on the successful XML.

Removal of this field eventually resulted in successful resubmission of the API query.

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