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Why am I unable to save a voyage after correcting errors and warnings?

When utilizing the Voyage Manager tool, if a user creates a voyage with missing data or unpopulated fields and a red or yellow icon appears, this represents an Error or Warning, which the user must correct. If the user makes the corrections and attempts to save, but the user is brought to and stuck on the screen below, they must perform the following steps in order to proceed:

First, the user must refresh the page, and they will notice that the Errors/Warnings they previously corrected have reverted to not being populated. Next, the user must copy the Estimate from which the Voyage is based, delete the current Voyage, and then schedule a new Voyage from the newly created Estimate.

After this, users can populate the missing fields and schedule the voyage using the newly created estimate. The user will then be able to save the Voyage successfully, make corrections for the Errors/Warnings, and be able to proceed without issue.

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