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Getting started with our API

Data access

Access through any of the following methods is only available to clients who subscribe to our API plan.

All data available in the Oceanbolt dashboard is also available directly via our modern API.

We provide access to the API in the following ways:

Oceanbolt Python SDK

We have a powerful python SDK that allows for direct access to all of the data in the Oceanbolt Platform. Data is available as pandas.Dataframe(), allowing for further data processing. You can access the Python SKD here:

Oceanbolt Excel Add-in

We integrate directly into Microsoft Excel through our Excel add-in. The Excel add-in allows users to quickly get started using our data for model building or other analysis. You can find more information about the Excel Add-in here: Oceanbolt Excel Add-in.

R package

We have an R package wrapper around our REST API that allows R users to directly ingest and use the data in R scripts to build models or visualizations.


If none of the previous options suit your needs, we also provide direct access to our backend through our modern REST API interface. You can find the REST API documentation at in OpenAPI format. This allows for integration in any programming language/tool.


See the following video about getting access to the API.

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