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Live Map

Functionality & Metrics

Our Live Map module gives you a real-time view of the full dry bulk fleet. You can use filters to select vessels within a specific size range, by destination, by ETA, by speed, and by laden percentage.

The dashboard displays the number of vessels matching your filters.

You can click on any vessel on the map to get its current status and complete trading history. You also have the option to display vessel tracks.


See the following video tutorial about how to find the number laden Supramaxes expected to arrive on the continent in the next 30 days using the Live Map module.

Filters and Settings

Destination Region filter

Select a region to display vessels reporting that region as a destination.

The filter is blank by default to include all regions.

Include unknown destination region setting

For some vessels, we are not able to parse the reported destination to a region. You can either include or exclude these vessels in your count.

Vessels with unknown destinations are included by default.

ETA filter

To enable the ETA filter, turn the Enable ETA filter toggle on and select a date range.

The Enable ETA filter toggle is turned off by default.

DWT filter

You can select a range of vessel sizes to include with the DWT filter.

All vessel sizes are included by default.

Speed filter

You can filter by vessel speed using the Speed filter.

All vessel speeds are included by default.

“Laden %” filter

The Laden % filter allows you to filter by laden percentage (current draft divided by max draft).

All vessels are included irrespective of draft by default.

Vessel search bar

You can search for a vessel by IMO number or name to quickly find it on the map.

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