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Vessel Details

Functionality & Metrics

Our Vessel Details module allows you to get insight into the full trading and port call history of any dry bulk vessel.

Metrics you can track with the Vessel Details module include:

  • Current status of the vessel

  • Port call history by country summary

  • Map of vessel location and tracks

  • Complete voyage history table (available for CSV download)

  • Complete port call history table (available for CSV download)

  • Complete dry dock visits table (available for CSV download)


See the following video to get an overview of port calls and voyages of any vessel using the Vessel Details module.

Filters and Settings

Vessel Search Bar

You can search for a vessel by IMO number or name.

You will need to select a vessel to display data.

Tracking period

The tracking period allows you to adjust the length of the vessel's tracks on the map.

Our vessel details URL contains a quick link that allows you to go directly to a specific vessel by typing in the IMO number.

For example, you can find the vessel Charmey with IMO 9583706 by typing the following URL:

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