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Zone Counts

Functionality & Metrics

The Zone Counts module allows you to select multiple zones from our 33 preset zones to track aggregate tonnage development.

Metrics you can track with the Zone Counts module include:

  • Number of vessels by zone

  • Historical development of vessels by zone

  • DWT by zone

  • Historical development of DWT by zone

  • List of vessels currently in the zone(s)


The following video demonstrates how to analyze the development of west-bound Capesizes in ballast in the Indian Ocean using the Zone Counts module.

Filters and Settings

Region filter

Use this filter to select the zone(s) of interest. You can select multiple zones. When selecting zones, you can click Select zones on the map to have the zones shown on a map view.

If left blank, all zones are included.

By default, the zone is set to Baltic.

Segment filter

Use this filter to select vessel segments.

The Segment filter is blank by default to include all vessel segments.

Direction filter

Use this filter to select the direction of vessel movement.

When selecting a direction, you can click Select on the compass to have the directions shown on a compass view. This filter is blank by default to include all sailing directions.

Laden Status filter

Use this filter to select the laden status of vessels.

Both laden and ballasting vessels are included by default.

Port Status filter

You can choose to include vessels at sea, in port, or both using the Port Status filter.

By default, all vessels are included.

Moving Average setting

You can change the chart to a moving average by turning on the Moving Average toggle. It is set to 20 days by default, but you can adjust it as needed.

Seasonality setting

To identify seasonality trends, you can set the chart view to the calendar year by turning on the Seasonal toggle.

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