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How to create a questionnaire

  1. Open the module

From the Home Page, select Questionnaires on the top bar menu and then Create Questionnaire.

Click Questionnaires form the top bar menu

Expand the Questionnaires menu and select Create Questionnaire

Same works if you choose the Desktop icon.

Click the Desktop icon

For those who use the Dashboard view, just click on the title Questionnaires.

Click on the Questionnaire Title of the Dashboard view

Alternatively you can find it as an icon on the Dashboard view:

Create Queastionnaire icon

2. Select vessel, loadline (if multiple) and type of questionnaire either by typing on the yellow text box or expanding the dropdown and press Create.

Select vessel, loadline and type of Questionnaire

you can also search the database to find a questionnaire by clicking on Search:

Search Questionnaires

3. Complete the questionnaire with the missing information and/or update the existing one.

At the bottom of the page, there is a legend with an explanation of each icon:

Coloured box explanation

4. Click to continue to select the next action.

Note: Questionnaires must be created in the Q88 platform, they cannot be uploaded.

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