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Offline Forms

You will be able to get the Master to assist in updating the certificate date by sending offline forms to them.

The Bulk offline form can be sent to all vessels in your fleet. Or otherwise, you can also choose the vessels you wish to send the form. Once you have selected the vessels, click Email to proceed.

The system will compose an email template with the attachment of the offline form and the instructions for updating the offline form. Certificates/documents offline form will be in Microsoft Excel format.

Offline forms will expire after 1 month upon sending them out to vessel. In the form, it will reflect the expiry date.

Customize Offline Form

An administrator role has the ability to be customized to reflect the list of certificates/documents according to your requirement. Select the Actions Menu → Settings.

You can select which certificates/documents you would like in the offline form.

Once the Master updates the dates, the Master will have to save the offline form, attach it to an email, and send it to Once the offline form is imported, the certificate's date will be updated in your Q88 account accordingly.

To receive an email notification alert when the offline questionnaire is submitted, you can click on the Actions Menu → Scheduled Reports:

Click the plus sign on the report page and create the report schedule:

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