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Veslink - Partnerships and Sharing Forms


  • You must have the Manage Invitations General Permission enabled.

  • It is expected that the client will discuss form sharing with their counterparties directly to get agreement and scope of what data will be shared.

To share voyage information with another company on Veslink, do the following:

  1. Create a partnership with the company you want to share with.

  2. Specify the vessels and forms you want to share.

To create a partnership, one partner sends the other an invitation. When the receiving partner accepts the invitation, the two companies become partners and appear in each other's Partners lists on the Network tab.

To create a partnership, send an invitation.

  1. Click the Network tab.

  2. On the Network tab, click Community.

  3. On the Community page, click the partner's name (in this example, Veson Nautical).

  4. On the Invite to Partner form, click Send Invitation.

  5. The recipient sees the invitation and accepts it. You become partners.

When a partner sends you an invitation to partner, follow these steps to accept the invitation.

  1. Click the Network tab. A gray badge appears next to Invitations, showing the number of invitations you have received.

  2. To view your invitations, click Invitations.

    • Pending invitations appear on the Received tab.

  3. In the Action list, to accept the invitation, click

    . You become partners.

To end a partnership:

  1. Click the Network tab.

  2. On the Partners page, click the company's name.

  3. On the company's page, click 


In the following cases, the receiver must have data that matches that of the sender's shared forms:

  • Form templates: For other than standard Veslink forms, form templates must match and have the same Form Identifier. The receiver can have their own forms in addition to the shared templates.

    • To share custom form templates, the sender must export them and send them to the receiver, who must import them.

  • Vessel:

    • The IMO Number must be the same as the sender's, although the Vessel Name can be different.

    • The vessel must be Active for Veslink.

  • Fuel Types: If the receiver uses different Fuel Types, they can be mapped to a master list of Fuel Types maintained by Veson.
    Otherwise, the receiver must have a Fuel Type defined to match any used on the form; they can have their own types in addition.

  • Statement of Facts forms:

    • A Port Activity must be defined with the same name as any used on the form.

    • A Cargo must be defined with the same name as any referenced by a Port Activity.

  • Cargo Handling forms: A Cargo must be defined with the same name as any referenced on the form.

  • Delay/Off-Hire forms: A Delay Type and a Delay Reason must be defined that match any referenced on the form.

After a partnership is created, you can set up voyage information to share with a partner or nominate an agent to share forms.

On the Shared Information tab, select the vessels/voyages and forms to be shared with a partner.

  1. On the Network tab, click Shared Information.

  2. Click Edit Sharing To Others. For third parties, the form has additional check boxes for the file type.

  3. On the Forms Shared page:

    1. Select the Vessel or All Vessels and enter the Voyage No.

    2. Select the Partner to edit. All the partners you share forms with appear in this list.

      • Selecting No Partner requires you to enter Email Recipient(s).

    3. For each form to share:

      • Enter any additional Optional Email Recipient(s), separated by commas.

      • Select check boxes for when the form should be sent: Share on Receipt, Share on Approval, or both. Share on Receipt sends the form data email regardless of its approval status or errors.
        If any templates are missing, they appear in a list at the bottom.

      • For a third party, in the Share column, select check boxes for the file type: XML or PDF or both. Please note that to share the form XML the email address needs to be listed in the Company Profile Notifications Email Address field.

    4. Click Save.

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