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Left-click Bunkers in blue text to access the detail view on Bunkers Consumption, Profile, and Prices. This can be found under Estimate or Voyage.

1.0 Consumptions

  1. Port: Extracted from Legs

  2. Regulation: Emission Regulation Region (EU/ HK, ECA, CA)

The consumption rate of pointer 3, 4, 5, and 7 are derived from the Vessel Register.

  1. Heat %: Percentage of heating required per day.

  2. Clean Days: Days required for cleaning cargo tanks.

  3. Inert Days: Days required for inerting cargo tanks.

  4. Triangle Icon: Delta you would like to manually input. The input adjusts the VMS bunker consumption calculation. You may input -ve or +ve value to adjust to your preferred bunker consumption if you disagree with the consumption for whatever reason.

  5. Cons: Calculated consumption based on variables from Legs

  6. ROB: Remaining Onboard Bunkers on Arrival/ Departure

  7. Stem: This column is only used in the Voyage Module, not applicable in Estimation. Planning of bunker relies on Refill Bunker Prices instead. In case of depletion bunker, the refill price shall be the estimated bunker price for bunker stem.

  8. Setting Icon: Change Bunker Grade. If there is a change in bunker grade, it can be configured here. Removal of a bunker grade used by the vessel in VMS cannot be done if there is still ROB.

2.0 Profile

  1. Ballast and Laden speed and its corresponding consumption from Vessel Register. You may select the preferred speed at which you would like the vessel to sail by clicking the line item.

  2. Port consumption from the Vessel Register

  3. Speed Comparison: This shows you an analysis of how different speeds could affect TCE.

3.0 Prices

  1. The bunker calculation method is the FIFO method. Under this form of calculation, VMS shows a good breakdown of how the starting bunker prices change to the ending bunker price. You may hover the cursor over to ‘Alt Price’, left click and amend the Alt Price to see what would the Starting/Ending price look like if the bunker is at a different price from the actual price.

  2. Ship Bunker: VMS is integrated with Ship Bunker’s data to show you the estimated bunker prices across various regions/ports. The bunker price is updated on a daily basis and shows yesterday’s price.

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