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VMS - My Fleet, World Fleet

My Fleet

My Fleet are ships a Position List for Principals (formerly Q88 Pro) user designates as their company’s fleet to be tracked in the Position List. With a direct feed from their VMS system, open positions will auto-populate for all vessels that coincide with the VMS platform.

Open Position is defined by the three fields:
• Port
• Open Date
• Last Three Cargoes

Any vessels designated as My Fleet will always be shown in bold. Additionally, a user can update any of the three fields coming in from their VMS system. We will preload all ships currently in use in your VMS.

To ensure that all ships are loaded, click the following icon:

My Fleet in Q88 Pro

Once you click the icon, you will see this pop-up:

Importing Vessels to My Fleet in Q88 Pro

By clicking Yes, the ship is added to My Fleet.

There are also two other ways to designate a vessel for My Fleet.

1. When in the My Fleet view, select the Add Vessel text box. Type the name of a vessel that you want to add to My Fleet. You will get a prompt that asks, ‘Do you want to add this vessel to your fleet?' By clicking Yes, the ship is added to My Fleet.

2. In the Vessel Specs section, select the Own Vessel checkbox. If this box is unchecked, the vessel is removed from My Fleet.

Vessel Specs in Q88 Pro

World Fleet

By clicking World, you will see all vessels on a given search. The selected option is highlighted in blue.


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