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Carbon Calculator 'Include in PnL' by default

We have introduced CFGDefaultIncludeCarbonExpInPnl to default Include In PnL on the Carbon Calculator.

Below is no longer a necessary workflow.

Some clients may want the ‘Include in PnL’ in the Carbon Calculator to be selected by default.
To do so, clients would need to create a .TDEFAULT estimate that has the box checked.

Please refer to the following steps:

  • In an Estimate column view, enter .TDEFAULT as the Estimate ID. Click Save.

  • If there is an existing .TDEFAULT, search for the estimates using the Find Estimates panel and then click its Estimate ID link or row.

  • Enter the details view. In order for the ‘Include in PnL’ to appear in the carbon calculator, the system will require a vessel to be selected.

    • Select a random Vessel (Can create a dummy vessel that does not have any data) and check the ‘Include in PnL’ checkbox and click ‘Apply’.

    • Remove the vessel and click ‘Save’.

  • To confirm that the ‘Include in PnL’ checkbox has been saved as default. Open a new tab and create a new estimate with another vessel. Go to Menu >Analytics> Carbon Calculator

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