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How are estimated Port days calculated?

The estimated Port days field in the Estimate is calculated using the following formula:

EstPD = [(L/D Qty/ L/D Rate) + TT] x Terms


  • Estimated Port Days = EstPD

  • Loaded or Dischared Cargo quantity = L/D Qty

  • Loading/Discharging rate = LD disch rate

  • Turn Time = TT

  • Laytime Terms = SHEX, SHINC etc.

The Laytime Terms are defined in the Data Center by Veson and they are measured by a Factor.


The below screenshot displayed the port itinerary in a Voyage Estimate.

EstPD = [(L/D Qty/ L/D Rate) + TT] x Terms, which translates in: 5.09 days = [(80,000 mts/ 20,000 mts per day) + 0] x 1.2727

Depending on the cargo terms of the business scenario, you may need to alter the calculation formula by enabling the Configuration Flag, CFGVoyapiNoShexFactorOnTurntime.

Doing so will alter the way the estimated port days is calculated:

EstPD = ((Cgo Qty / LD rate) x Laytime Term) + TT

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