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IMOS - Demurrage/Despatch Rates

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Configuration flag CFGMultiDemRate enables demurrage rates that change during the time on demurrage. You can create multiple Laytime Calculations that use different Demurrage/Despatch Rate tables. If the rate table differs between the load and discharge port, two separate calculations must be created.

You can use this form with Demurrage on Account, which supports incremental invoicing for demurrage over the life of a voyage for the discharging port.

To set up multiple Demurrage Rates, right-click a port in a Laytime Calculation and then click Demurrage/Despatch Rates.

Enter Days and Demurrage and Despatch Rates.

Rules for calculating:

  • If this form is populated, the rates entered here supersede whatever is entered in the port line for the entire laytime.
  • If only one Demurrage Rate is defined, it is used for the whole period.
  • If a rate is defined with the highest Days less than the demurrage time, that rate is used for all extra time.
  • In the example above, the following rates are applied:
    • First 5 days = $1K/day
    • Next 10 days = $2K/day
    • Next 15 days and beyond = $3K/day
  • Demurrage/despatch amount for the calculation is calculated for each port individually based on this setup - then summed up.
  • The average demurrage (or despatch - whichever applies to the port) rate for each port - based on this setup and the balance days at the port - is displayed in the Dem Rate/D and Des Rate/D columns in the Laytime Calculation's itinerary grid accordingly.

For example:

  • let's say, our calculation has the loading port NEW YORK - with 7 demurrage days balance - and the discharging port BOSTON with 17 days demurrage days balance.
  • demurrage amount for the calculation - based on the example setup above - will be:
    • NEW YORK demurrage amount will be: 5*1,000 + 2*2,000 = $9,000
    • BOSTON demurrage amount will be: 5*1,000 + 10*2,000 + 2*3,000 = $31,000
    • Total demurrage for our calculation is $40,000.
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