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IMOS - Reposition Analysis

The Reposition Analysis helps you calculate the cost of a reposition voyage and allocate some of the cost to the current Voyage Estimate, as a reduced loss.

If the vessel can find some cargo to carry at a discount, the voyage will be more financially efficient than going ballast. The workflow can be as follows:

  1. Prepare an Estimate for this discounted cargo and open the Reposition Analysis. The default Open Port will be the first port in the itinerary.

  2. Enter the relevant Reposition Port.

  3. The Weather Factor, price of Bunkers, and Daily Hire are defaulted according to the Estimate data but can be edited for the Analysis.

  4. You can enter Miscellaneous Expenses as a lumpsum amount.

  5. The Total Reposition Expenses value appears. Enter the percentage of this amount you would like to save.

  6. The Total Cost Saving and the Total Allocation for the current voyage appear. To apply this cost allocation to be the voyage's profit, select the Apply To Estimate check box.

    • When the Profit is locked in the Estimate, the Apply To Estimate check box is selected by default and the Cost Saving % value is back-calculated from the Profit.

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