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IMOS - Trading P&L Snapshots

To record Trading P&L Snapshots, use one of the following methods:

  • Take scheduled snapshots, which require the use of the Messaging Service to run. For more information, see Create Scheduled Trading P&L Snapshots in the IMOS Messaging Service Manual.
  • Record Trading P&L Snapshots in your database using the method described below. These snapshots can then be used in reports such as the Historical VaR Report and the Snapshot Comparison Report.

Ad-hoc Snapshots

Ad-hoc snapshots refer to snapshots taken of the Trading P&L Summary at a nonspecific time. Taking an Ad-hoc snapshot may consume significant computer resources, so we recommend taking them only during low-use periods during the day.

To take an Ad-hoc snapshot:

  1. Open the Trading P&L Summary.
  2. Click 

    • Reference: Snapshot name.
    • Low-Memory Mode: To prevent high computer memory use when taking an Ad-hoc snapshot, select this check box; the speed will be slightly reduced.

To retrieve a snapshot, on the Trading P&L Summary Parameters panel, select it from the Snapshot drop-down menu. Each snapshot includes values as they were calculated based on the Profile selected at the time the snapshot was taken.

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