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Total Owner's quantity should not exceed Total Redelivery quantity

FAQs > Error Messages > Total Owner's Qty should not exceed Total Redelivery Qty

On a TCTO Voyage, bunkers are lifted between Y/Z ports for the Operator's account. The lifted bunker quantity on the account is higher than the actual redelivered amount of the same grade. When this is the case, the system shows an error message:

Should this error occur, be sure to check that the redelivery bunker quantity is higher than or equal to the sum quantity of all bunkers lifted on the owner's account during the TC. This can be found in the Voyage Manager >Bunkers drop-down menu > Bunker Liftings.

Typically, this error is related to:

Resolving this Error

Since the quantities for Owner's/Operator's account are included in this quantity, the sum of these quantities should not be higher than the redelivery quantity.


Part of the Operator's quantity is consumed, and the vessel is redelivered with less bunkers to the For Account of Operator quantity.


To handle this scenario, do the following:

  1. Split the quantity on the bunker liftings. You will deduct the quantity that will be consumed out of the By/For Operator quantity and create a new line item for the Bunker Lifting.

  2. Add it as Paid By Operator and For Account of TCO Charterer. This means that this quantity will appear under the TC bunkers as Supplement to delivery.

    The difference between the delivery and redelivery quantities will give you the correct results and correct calculation between the quantities.

  3. Add an Est Redelivery quantity equal or higher to the quantity declared Paid By Operator.

This scenario may not always match, but please be sure to check the Paid By/For Account within the Bunker Lifting to make sure all bunker lots are being consumed as they have been labeled. 

The actual redelivery quantity can never be less than the quantity that is Paid by/For Account of the Operator because this indicates that the Charterer is burning bunkers they do not own.

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