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IMOS - Allowing Submission prior to Voyage Commencement

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The ETA of cargo is important for cargo traders, as they need to provide to stakeholders an accurate cargo delivery date before even the voyage gets started.

To submit a custom Noon Report/Daily Report before the voyage starts, do the following.


  • Voyage Opr Type = SPOT

  • Port Days > 0


  1. Create a custom Noon Report/Daily Position Report (the Bunkers ROB control must be included, but it does not have to be populated).

  2. In custom form Configuration, select the Allow submission prior to Voyage Commencement check box:

  3. In the voyage itinerary, enter the Commence port (Port Function C).

  4. Set the voyage status to Commenced.

    You may also commence the voyage by setting the Location in the Noon Report to “In Transit”. For more information on the workflow, see the section below on Commencing the voyage with a Noon Report.

  5. Submit and approve the custom Noon Report.

Commencing the voyage with the Noon Report

Alternatively, you may commence the voyage via the noon report by setting the Location in the form as “In Transit”.

Upon approving the form, the system will commence the voyage and the Bunkers ROB entered into the form will be part of the initial opening bunkers.

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