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IMOS - Estimate Vessel Matrix

On the Estimate Vessel Matrix form, you can enter different vessels to compare their costs, speed, and open ports. Vessel details are set up on the Vessel form in the Data Center; you can adjust them for this Estimate.

On an Estimate column toolbar, click 

 and then click Vessel Matrix.

In the grid, add vessels and adjust scenarios for them. To create a copy of the active Estimate for each vessel in the grid, click Create. Vessel properties specified for each grid line are set on the Estimate copy.

  • To create a report that compares matrix Estimates, on an Estimate column toolbar, click 

    , hover over Reports, and then click Voyage Estimate Column Report.

Related Configuration Flags


Changing vessels on an Estimate will map the bunker prices for the first vessel onto the new vessel where appropriate; fuels unavailable on the new vessel will not be available and hence not have prices, and fuels available on the new vessel that are absent from the first vessel will pull their prices from the last voyage prices (unless explicitly disabled with use of config flag CFGUseVesselLastFuelCost), or the last Estimate (if CFGUseVesselLastFuelCost is disabled and CFGUseEstimateLastFuelCost is enabled). On the Estimate Vessel Matrix form, the Preserve Bunker Prices check box is selected by default, but you can change it.


To automatically start with default search criteria and a default Limit.

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