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IMOS - Extra Freight Term Expression Examples

The following is a common business case for using Extra Freight Term expressions.

Charging a Lumpsum Overage Based on Overage Quantity Only

For contracts that stipulate that an overage should be paid, but only on the loaded quantity over the CP quantity. The following examples assume a NOOPT option term, but it is fairly easy to implement a cap/collar for the option term. The example also assumes a rate-basis for freight, but it is also trivial to convert this to a lumpsum-basis freight, or even to a World Scale freight.

Result: Extra Freight Term

Type: OL

Value (Expression):

(0.5 * Cargo.FreightRate) * (SUM(Cargo.LoadBLQty.LoadBLQty) - Cargo.CPQty)

This expression will calculate a lumpsum Extra Freight Term of 50% of Freight Rate for the quantity difference between Total Load Quantity and CP Quantity.

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