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IMOS - How to Consume Low Sulfur Both Inside and Outside the ECA Zone for an Auxiliary Engine

  • In Fuel/Lube Types, set the LS fuel set to type L, and the IFO to H.
  • In the Vessel details, set the LS fuel to type G (general) so it can be consumed at all times, and keep IFO at H so it can only be consumed outside an ECA.
  • Fuel Zones settings should be IFO (cons rate only), LSG for all ECA Zones the voyage will travel through. This translates to "consume LSG at the defined rate of IFO + the defined rate of LSG." With the above example, LSG will consume 35 (IFO rate) + .1 (LSG rate) = 35.10 in ECA Zones.

To do a spot check that the consumption is accurate, create an Estimate with one day at sea to ensure that 35.100 MT of LSG are consumed within the ECA, as shown below.

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