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IMOS - Nomination Tasks Tab - Cargo COA

The vessel and laycan nomination process for each COA can be defined as a set of default Nomination Tasks to be included in each lifting. On the Nomination Tasks tab, you can create Task templates that capture these contractual responsibilities.

Each row in the table defines a template, with a Nomination Task name and optional information. When COA liftings are created, a Task is added to each Cargo for each row in this tab, using the values entered.

  • Offset values are relative to the start of Load Laycan.
    • For example:
      • If the initial Load Laycan Nomination Task is due from the charterer 45 days prior to load, set the Due Date Offset for that Task template to -45.
      • To alert the charterer that the Task should be started 5 days before its Due Date, set the Reminder Offset to -50.
    • If the Load Laycan changes, the Due Date and Reminder Date change along with it.
  • Task Categories are defined in the Data Center.
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