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IMOS - Vessel Details - Estimate

The Vessel Details - Estimate form includes some of the data that appears on the Vessel form. You can record certain data here; when you close it, you are asked if you want to synchronize the data between the two forms.

To access this form, on an Estimate, click the VESSEL NAME.

Vessel, Major Approval, and Recent Cargoes Forms

You can access other forms by clicking buttons on the bottom of the Vessel Details - Estimate form.

  • : Opens the Vessel form.
    Note: If you make and save changes to the Vessel form, you will be prompted to synchronize vessel data upon return to the Vessel Details - Estimate form. Clicking Yes updates Bunkers figures in the Estimate P&L once the Estimate has been saved.

  • : Opens the Major Approval form, which records the names and expiration dates of approvals.

  • : Opens the Cargoes in Recent Voyage Fixtures form, which retrieves the CP Quantity and Bill of Lading Quantity for all recent voyage cargoes.
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