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Voyage Reporting - Upcoming Port Errors

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ETAs given for x upcoming ports, but only y upcoming ports exist in voyage.

Validation can be toggled on or off on a per-form-group basis.

Check configuration setting for Allow Upcoming Ports to Change Forward Ports.

Can't change name of upcoming port x to y, because it has already been arrived at.

A Noon Report is being submitted with a port entered in the Upcoming Ports grid that is different from the itinerary. However, the upcoming port has already been arrived at, so it cannot be overwritten/changed via the Offline Form.

The port has been sailed, so it needs to be unsailed. On the Port Activities form, remove port activities and the D and A report. You can then change the port and add Port Activities, or go back and approve the Noon Report now that the port call is not sailed.

ETA at upcoming port x is earlier than current report time.

A port has been populated in the Upcoming Ports grid on the form and the ETA date/time is earlier than the date/time entered for the form itself. You can still submit the form because it could be possible that the form is being submitted late.

No resolution. The form can still be submitted. The date/time on the form can be changed to reflect the new date/time.

ETA at upcoming port x is earlier than previous port’s arrival time.

A port has been populated in the Upcoming Ports grid on the form and the ETA date/time is earlier than the previous port's arrival time. The ETA of the upcoming port cannot be before the actual arrival time of the previous port.

Correct the upcoming port ETA so it is after the previous port arrival, or change the previous port's arrival so that the upcoming port date/time is not before it.

Upcoming ports contains a port named 'x', but that name does not match any active ports.

A standard port name was changed in Veslink Distances which no longer matches the port name in the IMOS or IMOS Port List. To verify, go to Veslink Distances and search for the port name to see if the old name no longer exists and the new name is searchable.

Request for a Distances Update for your environment. Once done, send a new set of forms to the Vessel Master, fill in the new form that contains the new port name for the upcoming port, and then submit. 

Activity Reports have been entered for this leg.

This error can be a result of using the Upcoming Port ETA field rather than the Upcoming Port field control. The Upcoming Port ETA field was added for a new form intended to be used in the Agent Portal, where an agent could update the ETA of a port that has not been arrived at. In Onboard and the Agent Portal, when you submit a form, it is already associated with a voyage/port call and the ETA field updates the ETA of the current port, not the next one. The intent here is to be on a form that is submitted, for example, before an arrival notice to update the ETA of the leg before it is arrived.

This error can also be caused when there are Port Activities with a later date/time than the In Port Noon Report the user is trying to approve.

To update the upcoming port you should continue using the existing Upcoming Port field control.

Delete the Port Activities date and time which is later than the In Port Noon Report, approve the form(s), then add the Port Activities back in either manually or via SOF form.

Upcoming ports data will not be processed because there are no future ports in the voyage itinerary.

Seen with In-Port Noon Reports and Departure Notices for the final port call. The Veson IMOS Platform expects a TCOV voyage to either have a consecutive voyage scheduled, or be marked as Last TCI Voyage, if neither of these exist, then the error is received when submitting the form.

Either select Last TCI Voy checkbox in the Voyage Manager, or schedule a consecutive voyage then submit the form.

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