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Why are mirrored invoices not automatically created?

Configuration flags CFGEnableContractMirroring and CFGEnableInvoiceMirroring must be enabled.

When creating an invoice from a mirrored contract, if you notice that its mirrored invoice is not automatically created, check that the Internal check box is selected on the Address Properties panel of the respective W-type companies involved in these mirrored contracts:

  • If the counterparty on an invoice has Internal selected, the system will automatically create a mirrored invoice.

  • If the counterparty on an invoice does not have Internal selected, the system will not create a mirrored invoice.

If you have a pair of mirrored contracts involving one W-type Company A whose Address entry has Internal cleared due to business requirements, and one W-type Company B with Internal selected, make sure to create the invoice from Company A first if you would like the system to automatically create its mirrored invoice.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Contract Mirroring

Enables the following types of intercompany contracts to be mirrored: Cargo COA, VC In COA, Cargo, VC In, Time Charter In, Time Charter Out, and FFA/Option/Bunker Swap Trade. When a contract of one of these types is created with internal counterparties, a mirrored contract is automatically created from the opposite perspective, so that users from both legal entities can manage the contract and include it in both their operational planning and their trading exposure and P&L.

  • When both CFGEnableContractMirroring and CFGEnableTCInvoiceMirroring are Y, and when a TC contract is mirrored, TCO invoices are mirrored from TCI invoices. Incremental invoice type is unavailable for such mirrored TC invoices.

  • If an **OV voyage has cargoes with multiple internal charterers, it can be mirrored with multiple RELT voyages, one for each internal charterer's company.

Enable Invoice Mirroring

Applies only when CFGEnableContractMirroring is enabled; Freight Invoice, AR Demurrage Invoice, Rebillable Expense, and Rebill Claim invoices from the parent voyage are mirrored as Spot/Relet Freight Invoice, AP Demurrage, Voyage Other Expense, and Claim Payment (AP Claim) in the mirror voyage. They also acquire the same invoice numbers.

For Demurrage Invoices, the calculations are not mirrored, so opening the mirror Demurrage Invoice displays the parent voyage invoice. For this reason, the mirror invoice cannot be seen on the voyage Summary panel or Laytime Calculation Setup form. Mirror voyage invoices cannot be reviewed or approved; their status follows their counterparts from the parent voyage; posting has to be done manually in both voyages. The Claim Payment/Voyage Other Exp invoices in the mirror voyage can be rebilled by enabling the Rebillable check box/changing Type in the corresponding invoice forms (and not through the Transaction Data Entry form).

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