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On the Address form, to access the Properties panel, click

. To close it, click 
 or click the Summary panel button.

  • Inactive: If you have the Create Inactive Address Book Records Module Right selected, under Actions in the Data Center, this check box is selected by default for Addresses you create. To activate an Address, you must have the Module Right cleared.

  • Tax Code Required (Type W only): When selected, the Tax Code field is required on the Transaction Data Entry form for posting the invoice.

  • Internal Address (configuration flag CFGAddBookInternalAddressText must be set to Internal Address): Select to identify a cargo counterparty for an outcharter voyage (when generating Demurrage Time Bar Tasks).

  • Alerts: This field can be used to capture issues; the Charterer field appears light red on several forms after an Alert is entered for it. An Alerts column can also be selected to appear in the Address Book.

  • When Payment Company is entered, it appears as a default company on the Payments and Receipts form for a given counterparty/company.

  • Parent Company is used for reporting purposes in cases where there are multiple sub-entities for one company. Additionally, the Parent company of the Vessel Owner is recognized as the Vessel Head Owner in Time Charter lists.

For a Type W address, you can add a company logo for use on invoices you issue:

  1. Use File Management to upload a file.

  2. On the Address Properties panel, select the Logo File.

  3. On the Address toolbar, click

    . The logo will appear on any invoices generated for the company.

Note: Make sure that the file name of the logo does not include special characters, for example, &, *, etc.

Related Configuration Flags



Restrict Key Fields on Address Book

When enabled, the Ref No. and Cross-Ref. No. fields on the Address Book screen are disabled from user entry.

Add Book Internal Address Text

When a value is specified, a new check box is displayed in the Address Book with the label being the value of the configuration flag (e.g. Internal Address). When the value is empty, the check box is not shown.

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