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Why does Company Code in Voyage Manager differ from the Vessel Properties?

When you create a Vessel and link it with an internal company in the Vessel Properties, the Company Code usually flows and updates the associated TC contracts and fixtures.
However, when the Company Code in the Vessel Properties is different from what you see in the Voyage Manager, the following reasons may apply:

Creating a Voyage from a Fixture

When creating voyages from an Estimate > Fixture and then schedule a voyage using the TC information, the Company Code from the Estimate flows into the Fixture and then to the Voyage.

Although the TC Contract lists a different company, the Company Code is not fed through to the voyage.

Creating a Voyage from TC Contract instead of a Fixture

When creating voyages from TC contracts, the Company Code specified in the TC contract will be used to update the Company Code in the Voyage.

In the below example, the Company Code specified in the TC Contracts is different from the fixture. As observed, when creating a Voyage from the TC contract, the company information from the TC Contract flows into the voyage.

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