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Why does my freight invoice reflect CP Qty although CP terms say Bill By: BL Qty?

In the event where the BL Qty or Invoice Qty is higher than the CP Qty, it is important to set up the overage term in the CP Terms Details to ensure proper freight calculation.

If the overage term is not set up, the freight for the excess loaded cargo will not be calculated, causing the freight invoice to reflect CP Qty even when it is set to bill by BL Qty or Invoice Qty.

If the BL Qty or Invoice Qty is within the CP Qty amount and no overage should be charged, then you will need to check your Cargo Tolerance Options Type set under the CP Terms Details. The BL Qty or Invoice Qty should fall within the Min/Max Qty range. Refer screenshots below.

Another reason that the freight invoice may reflect CP Qty although CP terms say Bill By BL Qty is that we default the BL Qty used in the calculation to the CP Qty when there are ANY loading activities at that port that have not been lifted. For example, a lifted Qty of 0. The system does this because we default to the contracted value when the BL is not done yet.

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