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OCIMF Update/Integration Application

If you have already completed the Officer Matrix on the OCIMF web site then it is possible to import that data into Q88. The Officer Matrix can be exported to the OCIMF web site to meet requirement by various OCIMF members who are using their system to access the Officer Matrix

Importing the Officer Matrix from the OCIMF Web Site

Login to the OCIMF web site: .

2. Click the ‘Vessel’s’ tab at the top of the page.

3. Click the icon for the vessel you wish to export the Officer Matrix xml file.

4. Click the icon to export the Officer Matrix in xml format.

5. Save the file to your computer

6. Send an email to and attach the saved xml file.

7. You will be notified via return email when the Officer Matrix xml file has been imported.

Submitting Officer Matrix to OCIMF

Requirements: In order to retrieve your Officer Matrix data from your Q88 you will need to subscribe to the “XML Web Services” package. For more details on the fees associated with this package please contact

If you have not subscribed to the “XML Web Services” package then you will be prompted with below alert *when you try to login.

*If your company is subscribing to the “XML Web Services” package but the IP address of your computer has not been authorized. Click the ‘OK’ button to have your computers IP address added to the authorized list

OCIMF Requirements: In order to submit Officer Matrix to OCIMF you will need to request that they enable the “Web Services” feature under your account. OCIMF also has legal requirements that the submission must be made from your company’s internal computer network (LAN). If you have not contacted OCIMF to request to activate the “Web Service” feature then you will be prompted with below alert when you try to login to the Q88-OCIMF program

To contact OCIMF to enable the “Web Service”, contact them below:

Tel: +44 (0) 207 654 1200


Steps to Download the Q88-OCIMF Integration Program:

Click the ‘Submit to OCIMF’ menu under the ‘Action’ button on the Fleet Overview page or click the ‘Submit to OCIMF’ button in the footer of the Officer Matrix Detail page to download the application needed to submit the Officer Matrix data for your vessels to OCIMF.

On this page you will need to click the ‘Install Now’ link in the image on the left side of the page:

The Q88 - OCIMF integration program requires the Adobe Air runtime environment to be installed first, and the Adobe Air runtime must be updated periodically. Click here to install: Adobe Air You may need to contact your IT department to have them install the program if you do not have the necessary permissions.

Once the installation has been completed the program will automatically run and you will be prompted to confirm the terms of service. Click the ‘Accept’ button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next step.

You will then be prompted to enter your Q88 and OCIMF login credentials:

Once you have entered the Q88 and OCIMF login details your fleet of vessels will be displayed.

Any vessel which needs to be updated on the OCIMF system will automatically be selected

MISSING FIELDS IN Q88: If a vessel is missing some required Officer Matrix data then the yellow caution icon will be displayed and the vessels’ Officer Matrix may not be submitted until the missing data is entered

MISSING ON OCIMF PLATFORM: If the Officer Matrix for the vessel has not already been entered on the OCIMF web site or the vessel is not registered under your OCIMF login then the LOCK icon will be displayed and the vessels’ Officer Matrix may not be submitted until the Officer Matrix has been updated on OCIMF first or the vessel is added to your OCIMF account.

Once you have selected the vessel(s) you wish to submit to OCIMF click the ‘Submit button in the lower-right corner of the page so submit the updates for the selected vessel(s) to OCIMF. The confirmation screen (shown below) will list all the vessels that were successfully submitted to OCIMF.

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