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Veslink - Setting Up Agents in IMOS for Agent Portal

Veslink standardizes voyage communications to help you collect and analyze current positions and other critical voyage data and share information with a network of trusted partners.

The Agent Portal is available with Veslink Optimum.

Sharing information with agents is similar to the process of sharing information with other companies.

To nominate agents with whom you want to share port call information, do the following:

  1. In the Veslink Network, create partnerships with the agents.
    In IMOS:
  2. Create the agents in the Address Book.
  3. Link agent Address Book entries to the corresponding agents in Veslink.
  4. Specify the voyage and ports for which the agents can submit forms.
  5. Specify the forms shared with the agents.

To assign agents to a port in a voyage:

  1. On the Itinerary of the IMOS Voyage Fixture, Voyage Manager, or FOB Voyage Itinerary, right-click a port name and then click Agents and Notices.
  2. Select Charterer, Protective, Owner, Other, and/or Data Submission agents with whom you want to share port call information.
  3. Save the Voyage Fixture, Voyage Manager, or FOB Voyage form.

To manage what information is shared with an agent for a particular voyage:

  1. On the IMOS Voyage Manager Contacts tab, you can see all agents involved in the voyage and edit the information that you share with them.
  2. On the Veslink Partner column, click Edit Shared Resources. The Shared Resources form appears:
    • These are the forms that can be submitted for any port at which that agent is specified on the Agents and Notices form.
  3. Select the forms you want the agent to be able to submit and then click OK.

A list of the vessels and forms that you are sharing with agents is available on the Veslink Shared Information page.

Related IMOS Configuration Flags
Port Agent Type

Defines the Address Book Types to be considered when entering values for agents. The default value is A.

Default Data Submission Agent

Sets the Short Name of the default Data Submission Agent for voyages performed by vessels marked as Active for Veslink for all ports except those with Port Function C (Commencing), T (Terminating), P (Passing), Y (Delivery), or Z (Redelivery).

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