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Veslink - Voyages - Voyage Reports

Veslink standardizes voyage communications to help you collect and analyze current positions and other critical voyage data and share information with a network of trusted partners.

To access Voyage Reports:

  • From the Dashboard:

    • For the report in the form banner, click 

       on the banner.

    • For all reports for the vessel, click the red vessel name link.

  • From the map:

    • For a Noon, Arrival, or Departure report, right-click the report or port dot and then click View Report.

    • For all reports for a vessel, in the Search box Vessel List of the map, click 

       to expand the vessel banner and then click Voyage Reports.

  • From Port Calls, in the left panel, click Voyage Reports .

When you click View Report on either the Dashboard or the map, the form opens.

Otherwise, select the form:

  1. In the Voyage Reports list, click a button to select the voyage: 

    , or 


    • To use the calendar, click

      . To view the voyage's reports for a certain date, click the date. Voyage start dates are highlighted with color.


      • To view that voyage and its reports, click the date.

      • To view a tool tip with the voyage number, hover over the start date:

  2. Click the tab with the type of report (All, Noon, Arrival, or Departure).

  3. Click the name of the report.

Reports include a Status:

  • Approved: The form was approved and appears on the map. 

  • Processing: IMOS is validating the approved or resubmitted form. If a form fails to process after 10 minutes, it is automatically resubmitted.

  • Submitted: The form is not yet approved, or it was approved but there were approval errors.

  • Error: The form was submitted with an error.

  • Open for ResubmitThe form was previously approved and opened for resubmit, but the resubmit attempt resulted in new errors that need to be corrected.

  • Rejected: The form was rejected.

They can also include:

  • A message at the top: 

    • If the form has an error, a message explaining the error appears, so you can attempt to fix it.

    • If the form is not the most recent version, a message appears, so you can let the master know or send the latest version. The form can still be approved.

  • An attachment sent with the report: 

    • Click to download and save an attachment.

    • Attachments are stored along with the form for three months.

    • Attachments do not print along with forms.

    • If a form is rejected, the attachment is rejected as well.

To minimize the vessel details panel to the left of the report, click 

. To maximize it again, click 

Note: You must approve Veslink forms in the correct port sequence to avoid form errors for other possible forms in the port sequence. Veslink forms should be approved in the sequence they occurred in while in port.

  • To approve a form, click

    When a form is approved, all other pending forms for that voyage will refresh because the newly approved data may affect subsequent forms.

  • To reject a form, click 


    In the Reject Form window:

    • Notify vessel of reason for rejection: To send a rejection notification to the vessel email address, select this check box.

    • Rejection Reason: Enter a reason for the rejection.

To print a voyage report:

  1. Click 


  2. Select a format from the list:

    • PDF

    • Excel

    • Word

To return to the map, click View on Map

To export voyage reports to an Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the Voyage Reports page, click 


    • On the map, click 


  2. Select the vessel, voyage, and forms you want to export and then click Export.

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