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IMOS - Charterer's View - Cargo

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Configuration flag Charterer View enables the Charterer’s View instead of the standard Cargo form.

The Charterer's View has:

  • A Cargo Group field rather than a Cargo field
  • Other minor differences in the general information at the top of the form
  • Additional fields on the Itinerary/Options tab

When Charterer's View is enabled:

  • When a voyage is scheduled using Cargo as the source:
    • The Opr Type on the Create New Voyage form defaults according to the Counterparty on the Cargo contract. If the Counterparty is an Owner, the Opr Type is SPOT, otherwise it is TCOV or OVOV depending on the Ownership field on the vessel. Opr Type can be changed, and if the selected type is incompatible with the Cargo counterparty, the Counterparty column in the Voyage Manager Cargoes grid is cleared.
    • You cannot change the counterparty from a Charterer to Owner or vice versa.
  • All noncoload Cargoes in a voyage synchronize to have the same CP Date and CP Terms Details form.
  • When you copy a Cargo, on the Copy Cargo form:
    • If you leave the Laycan From/To dates empty, the new Cargo has the same dates as the original.
    • If you specify Laycan From/To dates, they replace non-empty dates in the itinerary of the new Cargo.

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