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IMOS - Rev/Exp Tab - Cargo

On the Cargo Rev/Exp tab, you can enter information about expected revenues and expenses associated with the Cargo. These will be pulled into the Estimate and voyage of the Cargo.

To rebill port expenses that exceed a cap, or to credit port expenses that do not meet a collar, you can configure Port Expense Cap/Collar Groups either here or at the Cargo COA level.

  1. Under Port Expense Groups, click to add a row.
  2. In the Port Expense Cap/Collar form, define the functions and ports included and the cap and collar amounts and tolerance information. Select whether overage is billable and/or underage is creditable.

The overage or underage can be rebilled through Expenses Rebill Management. Individual cost types can be excluded from the amount being compared to the cap or collar by selecting Excl from Cap Collar on the Ledger Expense Setup form. Rebillable cost items are excluded by default.

Related Configuration Flags
Link Cargo Rev Expense to Voyage Rev Expense

When enabled, there will be a persistent link between Revenues and Expenses add in the Rev/Exp tab in the Cargo form and those in the Voyage Other Revenues and Expenses form. Revenue and expense items added in the Cargo form will be added to the voyage that the cargo is scheduled on. If the cargo is moved to another voyage (or cancelled), its revenues and expenses will move with it unless they have already been posted. Additionally, a Vendor field is added to the grid in the Rev/Exp tab of the cargo form, and a Basis field is added to both forms.

Row highlighting and hover help indicate which lines will not be synced because they were created prior to the availability of this configuration.

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