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IMOS - MRV Reporting - Statement of Facts

Collecting MRV Data with the Statement of Facts Form

The Berth Events method can use the standard Statement of Facts form to measure berth event consumption. This will create minimal disruption to your existing Veslink Voyage Reporting workflows as it modifies the forms outside of capturing ROBs per port activity/berth event. This method utilizes the workflow of existing port activities and adds on berth events to keep the process seamless.


To customize the Statement of Facts form to meet the port activities/berth events requirements of your verifier:

  • In Form Group Options, select the Track Event ROBs check box.
  • Add the following to the Port Activities form:
    • Shifting to Berth
    • Shifting to Anchorage
    • From Last Berth to Sea/Anchor to Port

Data Collection


Preparing Your MRV Reports

At the end of the annual reporting period, to prepare your MRV data, do the following:

  1. Click the following links to download MRV Report.form and MRV Bunker Lifting Report (Pnl Method).form, which are report definitions you will use to create MRV reports in the Report Designer.
  2. Import the report definitions into the Report Designer.
  3. Export the reports to Excel or CSV.
  4. Save and share the reports to generate aggregated values for a verifier or EU THETIS-MRV.
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